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It's not a diet it's called eating healthy

Here's what others are saying about working with me...

Whether offering support, guidance and accountability to create a healthier body, learning hands on with one on one education in the kitchen, gaining confidence and knowledge in implementing an elimination diet or helping to feed their busy families clients are saying...

  • "Sherri, I thoroughly enjoyed your Let Your Kitchen be Your Workshop session and learned so much about getting more vegetables and nutrients into my diet. I love that you mixed in the actual food prep and cooking techniques. Having you demonstrate and then getting into the action myself was so incredibly valuable. I have learned how to prepare the new foods with confidence. I really enjoyed learning how to combine flavors to craft meals without a recipe. I'm definitely going to use all the information we covered together to start transforming our diet toward healthier, cleaner and more nutritious while introducing new flavors and techniques. Thanks for bringing a new view on wellness into our home."
    - Sheila M.
  • "I have worked with Sherri as my personal health coach. She is a great listener and wellness advocate with deep knowledge about all aspects of health and wellness. Her background in food is especially helpful. Sherri knows dietary theories and is aggressive at finding solutions for my concerns. When posed with a health issue or concern, she takes the time to follow-up with thorough recommendations that give me options to try. I have made huge strides in reaching my health goals in just a few short months while working with Sherri. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is trying to achieve better health."
    - Denise Lovat
  • "Sherri is an amazing chef!! Sherri was the personal chef for my aging mother, making healthy meals that were easy for her to prepare. Sherri also prepared a celebration meal for our entire family one Christmas. It was the best, excellent meal, beautifully served and all at home! It was amazing!!!"."
    - Elizabeth D.
  • "Sherri was a godsend at a very difficult time as we were learning to eat in a new way and she quickly became an essential part of our lives. Sherri helped us work through the complexities of feeding our gluten-free, milk-free, soy-free son. She also provided the whole family with delicious dinners which took a huge burden off our dual-career family. I always knew that there was something good for our family to enjoy, even at the end of a long workweek when I didn't have time to shop. We will be forever grateful to her!"
    - Alice Wachol
  • " Sherri, do you realize what a fresh lease on life your new (to me) ideas create in my soul?! You are at such ease in someone else's kitchen... truly a gift. I'm amazed how in sync you are! Your basic ethnicity concept with the quinoa and other grains, as well as the superfoods will open a whole new creative streak in my cooking! What I've learned by working with you will be multiplied into the lives of young mommies in my family (and others) who are trying to cook nutritiously and creatively for their families."
    - Ruth F.
  • "Sherri is a highly skilled personal chef who delights with delicious and nutritious meals. Her expertise spans all cuisines and she offers many unique and satisfying menus."
    - Dana Everett Edwards
  • "It has been my pleasure to work with Chef Sherri over the past four years. Her nutritional counseling and menu planning has helped me to transform my pantry. Family meals are more delicious as well as healthier. Thanks to Chef Sherri, my daughter now regularly requests salmon and kale."
    - Dr. Elaine McNeight

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